acceptance - a journey

Psychotherapy – A Journey Of Self Discovery

Have you ever lain in the dark of night and felt the fright of that darkness?

  • What’s in the wardrobe?
  • Who’s under the bed?

Imagination takes over, sleep eludes us and you know, there will be no rest until you get up, turn on the light, look into the wardrobe and under the bed. Once done, the relief of discovery and blessed sleep at last!

Learning to accept and love our-selves can be just as scary as lying in the dark of night. And is probably the single best thing we can do for ourselves. Sounds easy, I know! The truth is it takes work, and the other truth is – it is ‪#‎SOworthit.

I’m often asked how Therapy works, the best way I can describe it is like this….

Imagine You are a high rise building, every year of your life is a floor in that high-rise, everywhere you go all those floors/years of experiences go with you. The lights are off on some or a lot of the floors… that darkness is scary & limits you.

In therapy (metaphorically speaking) I walk through these floors with my Client, together we begin to turn on the lights, starting out with a small torch, we only go as quickly or slowly as the client needs or wants.

Before we know it – the Client has turned on the lights on many floors. With every new light that shines, the building gets warmer and less burdened. The Client finds new understanding, which brings healing, ‪#‎confidence and increased ‪#‎selfesteem.

Learning to love & accept our-selves might be a little painful, at times, but I promise one little light at a time, the journey and the reward is truly great.

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