increase happiness levels

Increase Your Happiness Levels

THIS WEEK’S RELATIONSHIP SUPPORT TASK: Scan Your Environment For Ways Of Voicing Appreciation

During the coming week take time to scan your environment for ways of appreciating the people, places, sounds, smells, actions, atmosphere etc… and watch your happiness levels grow in small little incremental steps.

For example: You get into work and your colleague has a long list of phone messages and instructions to pass on to you. Your instinct may be to say something like “God almighty! I haven’t had a chance to even get my coat off and they’re on my case….” Instead:


take three slow, deep breaths into your belly button, and while you’re breathing out scan the person, place and alternative positive, appreciative thoughts possible – Now you may find you want to say something like

“Thanks Joe, I really appreciate you taking those messages for me, it means a lot that you do that.”

Or maybe when you arrive home in the evening, you close the door, your senses are bombarded with the business of home: maybe sounds of pots and plates clacking, children talking, shouting, crying, The TV blaring etc….. Your instinct might be to barge in and demand “peace & quiet after a busy days work”… Instead


Take three deep breaths into your belly button, and while you’re breathing out scan the home for possible alternative appreciations: Now you might want to say something like:

“Hello everyone, I love to come home to the great smell of Daddy’s pasta and the wonder of my children doing their homework/having fun. It’s great to hear ye’r voices being happy and laughing, home is a great place to be….”

Do this a minimum of 3 times every day this week, then watch if your feelings lift and notice if your mood becomes a little lighter each day……

This exercise is for You, but be aware if there’s a domino effect on those around you.

Good luck, Enjoy!

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