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Core Beliefs – Find your “BUT”
Building mental strength is about regulating emotions, managing thoughts, and behaving in a positive manner, despite the circumstances. We can put healthy habits in place, and give up unhealthy habits that hold us back.

It’s easier to feel mentally strong when life seems simple – choosing to build mental muscle is the best way to prepare for life’s inevitable obstacles. You’re already using the practical tools to strengthen mental fitness at 7-days-to-happiness

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We all have core beliefs developed over time. These beliefs influence thoughts, behavior and emotions.
Often, core beliefs are untrue and unproductive. If you’re in the habit of believing you’ll never succeed, you mightn’t apply for new jobs – or without realizing, you do badly at interviews, the core belief becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.
Look for thinking habits that are black and white e.g. “I’m boring”. Very few things in life are “always” or “never” true. Think of one time, when you were interesting. Remember it in detail. Now when you have the thought “I’m boring” – reframe it, add “BUT I can be interesting and captivating too”. Use purposeful intention to change negative core beliefs & positive change will follow.

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