WK 1 Gal AdvertiserMy Fascination with the working of our emotions and brain function began many years ago

Change The Thought – To Change The Feeling

This isn’t a new idea: except now evidence based trials and scans show the messages we send our brain change our emotions and feelings. For instance when we focus on our positive physical features and send ”I love that part of me” messages to the brain, we feel and look better, how cool is that!

During my years with Marians Fashions one of my fascinations was the connection between brain function and feelings, and how they might work off each other. I wondered why an average woman might look and feel great about herself, and a stunningly beautiful woman believe herself to be unattractive?” (More about this on my blog “Body Confidence – does my bum look big in this? @………………..
Some might think it a big leap going from fashion retailer to psychotherapist. The way I see it: I’ve gone from helping customers feel good from the outside in, to helping clients feel good from the inside out. Leap or not, the journey is a daily adventure and can only be a good thing.
Initially training with the formidable Richard Bandler, founder of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), and the charismatic Hypnotist Paul McKenna, I learned about the power of positive visualization and self talk. Later completing professional qualifications in Counselling & Psychotherapy. The learning continues: each year Psychotherapists delve deeper into training. Some of my further trainings include CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy), Mindfulness, Brief Solution Focused Therapy, and recently Emotion Focused Therapy. The mind/body/emotions connection is still a fascination.
Since graduating in 2008 I’ve treated clients via Skype with the award winning organization HSS (Helplink Social Services). Treating Clients at Pieta House was deeply meaningful. Attempted suicide, suicidal ideation & the need to self-harm leave clients in a very vulnerable and exposed place.
However, 2014 was the year to set up in private practice: working with couples, individuals and Teens, it’s an exciting time to be a Psychotherapist. We’ve had more than 30 years of clinical trials and studies; we can now work with the Science. Evidence-based studies back up our work. Innovative scans allow us to scientifically prove the positive affects of this work on the human brain, feelings, emotions and happiness levels.
Give it a try this week; test if your positive self-talk increases Your happiness levels. It’s one of the first steps we can take daily, to improve our emotional and mental fitness.

Recently logged maps of neural circuitry show women’s brains are suited to social skills and memory, men’s suited to perception and co-ordination. Hmmm what do you think about that?
If you find yourself standing with three people, in a lift, in a queue, on a night out, remember, one in four Irish have suffered childhood abuse. Mental ill health touches everyone at some time. Daily care of our emotional/mental health is as necessary as daily care of our physical health; GP’s expect to hear about both.
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