Body image

Body Image & The Peacock

As I mentioned in another blog, we all have bits of ourselves we dislike. If you’ve ever stood in front of the mirror, and thought stuff like:

  • My boobs are too small/big
  • I hate my legs
  • I wish I was taller

We might wonder, “Why did God make me this way?” and we sometimes fall into a spiral of loathing and negative self-talk. Falling deeper into unhappiness. And so today I want to share with you, this tale from Indian Folklore it’s a tale for all of us who are self-conscious.
Apparently, when God made the Peacock He knew he had created perfection in the beautiful jewel colours, exquisite proportions, so elegant and graceful. God was proud, and so was the peacock! He held his head high and strutted in superiority.
However, with the passage of time, God saw He was the only one admiring the beauty and perfection of the Peacock He was amazed to discover the Peacock went unnoticed – the bird’s perfection was lacking a foil – something to showcase it’s beauty, the creature was too perfect and therefore invisible!!!
God concluded beauty cannot be appreciated without a flaw, and that flaw is best if it’s of equal measure to the beauty: after some deliberation, He gave the Peacock the ugliest feet in the world.

The newly remodeled Peacock walked away from God on his graceless, clumsy, colourless feet – The Peacock was not happy (it’s said that his screech is his appalled response every time he sees his feet!) However, heads turned, gasps of awe were heard, the other animals said, “What an exquisitely beautiful creature”.  It was agreed, unanimously, the Peacock was, and remains today, the most beautiful creature of the animal Kingdom.
Those who gaze on the Peacock only see his perfection.
“How incredible” said God “only the peacock is aware of his feet! And he has discovered a newfound humility and compassion in his imperfection”.
God smiled and was pleased. When he turned his attention to creating mankind; he remembered the Peacock, and gave all his children unique individual flaws; to highlight our beauty and to remind us “no one is perfect” and maybe to keep us humble and compassionate.
This is the story, as I heard it. I love it as much today as I did then. It’s vital to celebrate and embrace our imperfections, without them, we might at best, appear bland and at worst, invisible!! So now, when we stand before the mirror and have a negative thought about our looks we can add “…BUT hey, I like my good bits!” go as far as naming your positive features. Then leave the house in confidence, your smile will brighten the day for those you meet along the way, warmth and happiness will bubble inside you, remember people only see YOUR beauty!

Daily care of our emotional/mental health is as necessary as daily care of our physical health; GP’s expect to hear about both.

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