7 things, you can do, over the next 7 days that will increase your Happiness Levels

It has been scientifically proven that we have the power to increase our happiness levels. Here are some tried and tested aids, that we know work. It's important to do as many of them as possible on a daily basis. Once you have incorporated these aids into your daily routine, it's super-easy to keep doing them and over a short period of time, you'll notice a real difference. Choose to be happy!

1) Get 8-9 hours sleep

2) Drink Water 3 litres per day - When we are dehydrated our Brain shrinks! No it's true, our Brains cannot store water and needs a constant supply to help us think and concentrate, STUDENTS - water is necessary to help you to retain what you learn..... here's a great receipe for delicious water, that also helps with bloating, so a side effect is a flatter tummy!!

3) Walk for 10 minutes daily (hail rain or shine)

4) Eat 3 meals and 3 snacks daily

5) Begin a Gratitude journal: Keep it beside your bed and write in it every night at least one thing, but up to 3 things you are grateful for in your life, they can be the big things like 'my children's health, my own health etc' or a neighbours smile, the rain, tea, sunshine, shelter at the bus stop!! your choice, if you don't get to write them down, just name them in your mind as your head hits the pillow... lovely.... and guaranteed to help us sleep, but more importantly, our happiness levels will increase over a period of weeks. I promise!!

6) Choose your attitude, simply choose to be happy and don't allow the grumpy shopkeeper to steal your good mood. When he says "miserable day" you let him know you're happy with it - "fantastic for the garden, etc.."

7) Meditate for 10 minutes, do a longer meditation any time you feel like it, but committing to and doing 10 minutes daily, will change everything about your feelings and mood for the day and week. (choose a meditation to suit you, download now €1.97)