On (Everyday) Emotional & Mental Fitness

Getting some zzzz’s..

My Dad had a mantra “an hour before midnight is better than 3 hours sleep in the morning” – We really didn’t believe him, as kids it drove us mad! We’d plead to stay late to watch “Get Smart” or “The Avengers”. Ironic that I am now on the same page!! Lack of nighttime sleep can lead to more than just a sluggish start in the morning. Over time, it may be causing more damage than we realize!

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When Is Anxiety A Good Thing?

Today, my friend referred to herself and her husband as “snow plough” parents. I’d never heard the term before, she explained “snow plough” parents are super-protective of their children, they very quickly and effectively “clear all paths” of any obstacles, before their offspring. For example: Not wanting little Adam to suffer unnecessary challenges that might cause anxiety or worry, he’s allowed not to attend sports day. Letters are written to school, asking for little Eve to be excused from doing her solo, she’s self-conscious and anxious.

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